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Symptoms of certain types of ganglioneuritis. The localization of the inflammatory process determines the degree of complexity of the disease. The classification of ganglioneuritis depends on the group of affected sympathetic ganglia. Ganglioneuritis of the upper cervical ganglion.

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The clinical picture in ganglioneuritis of nexium cervical ganglion is characterized, first of all, by the symptoms of the Bernard-Horner syndrome. The inflammatory process in this ganglion provokes the development of the Pourfure du Petit syndrome (enlarged palpebral fissure, exophthalmos). The inflammatory process affects the functionality of the thyroid gland and excites the appearance of hyperthyroidism. There are secretory and vasomotor disorders (hyperhidrosis, redness in half of the face, lowering intraocular pressure).

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Sensitivity disturbances are observed in the area of the second rib. Perhaps a change in voice or paresis of the larynx. Sometimes patients feel a strong pain syndrome extending to the jaw area. Due to the inability to identify the exact source of pain, people often mistakenly resort to dental treatment, which for known reasons does not give any results.

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With this type of ganglioneuritis, a more extensive sensitivity disorder is observed (it extends to the sixth rib and to the arm). When the hand is affected, there is a decrease in muscle tone, a change in skin color on the surface of nexium hand or on the fingertips. There is also a violation of reflexes - correlative, conjunctival, maxillary, pharyngeal, carporadial. Sometimes there is a lowering of the auricle from the side of the affected node. Ganglioneuritis of the stellate ganglion.

Ganglioneuritis of esomeprazole cervical node.

This type of ganglioneuritis manifests itself in the form of pain and sensitivity disorders, as in previous cases. But a characteristic difference will be disorders of the vegetative-visceral system. There is shortness of breath, symptoms similar to the clinical picture in coronary heart disease.

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Ganglioneuritis of the upper thoracic sympathetic nodes. Pain syndrome is characteristic. Symptoms may be accompanied by itching of the genital organs, often diagnosed as a gynecological disease. Women sometimes experience menstrual irregularities or uterine bleeding. Ganglioneuritis of the pterygopalatine node.

Ganglioneuritis of the geniculate node.